Natural Language Processing
Use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to understand text and spoken words in a similar way to humans.
Natural Language Processing(NLP) aims to make human communication such as the spoken word or written text understandable to the machine. Making the Artificial Intelligence model capable of understanding, analyzing, and extracting meaning from text and speech.
Ways NLP is used today
  • Email Filters
    Understand the context of the email inorder determine the correct category for it like spam, social, main, and updates.
  • Virtual assistants
    The most common being Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, virtual assistants use NLP to understand and voice requests such the correct action can be taken.
  • Search Engines
    The point of a search engine is not to find an exact match to what you search, find what is most relevant based on the intent of your search. This is where NLP comes in, inorder to actually understand what the search was about. 
  • Chat Bots
    With the ability of NLP to recognize the intent behind a sentence, identify relevant topics and keywords, and even emotions it becomes possible to build chatbots that are truly useful to the end customer. Making it an integral par of customer support today. 
  • Automatic Summarization
    With the ability to take a large amount of text and summarize it down to the desired length, it is possible to gain insight into a large quantity of unstructured text data.

    This comes in handy in situations such as wanting to analyze customer feedback.
  • Text Generation
    This is called Natural Language Generation (NLG) and is a subfield of NLP. The goal is to be able to automatically produce all kinds of texts in natural language by using a semantic representation as input.  

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