We are an Artificial Intelligence(AI) technology company on a mission to make AI accessible. We provide AI-driven solutions and products to enable Drug Discovery, Predictive Analytics, Autonomous vehicles, and Industry 4.0
We provide tailored solutions in several areas

We deliver AI-powered bespoke solutions, powered state-of-the-art models customized for your needs.

Predictive Analytics
Our predictive analytics platform that enables you to gain valuable insight into your commercial activities using advanced real-time Artificial Intelligence.
Drug Discovery
Speed up the drug discovery process with Bayesian Deep Virtual Screening



and use us as your Artificial Intelligence(AI) department.

This way you get instant access to a highly qualified AI team with all the competencies and capacity you need to realize the AI potential in your business – and on a flexible, cost-effective basis.

We can assist you in any part of utilizing AI. From the overall AI strategy (including identification and prioritization of use cases), to project scoping, design implementation, and operation of safe, bespoke solutions.

The portability of our platform means if you later decide to insource aspects of the solution, this is easily achievable, while still maintaining access to the Alvíss AI™ platform and any solutions developed there.

Leveraging AI to improve your products, services, and business processes have never been easier. Get started now.

Facts about Desupervised
  • 2100+
    Deployed models
  • 15+
    Across multiple markets
  • 2018
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