We are Desupervised,
an AI company.

We develop next generation AI technology, based on that we deliver Enterprise SaaS applications
for ROI optimization in selected business functions.

Build your own custom ML models with Alvíss AI™ – our unique Bayesian Artificial General Intelligence platform – or let us do it for you.

Safe. Efficient. Smart.


The world’s first
Bayesian AIaaS Platform

With our AIaaS AGI platform Alvíss AI™, you can build, train, deploy and maintain safe, high-quality plug’n play Machine Learning models quickly and easily on any platform with minimal effort and ML experience.

Alvíss AI™ leverages Bayesian models that quantify prediction uncertainty, need less data for training and enables domain knowledge inclusion.

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It’s risky, expensive and inaccessible.

Risky because it’s unintelligent and has no “common sense”. It doesn’t know when it makes uncertain predictions (and all AI models do!), so it can’t tell you. If you use AI in your business today, chances are it’s based on unsafe algorithms.

It’s inaccessible because it requires qualified AI resources to do it right and avoid the pitfalls. The keywords here are deep theoretic knowledge and lots of relevant operational AI/ML experience – and these profiles are extremely limited. On top of that you need huge amounts of labelled data that can be hard to get in the necessary quality.

Last but not least: it’s expensive. There is a lot of time-consuming manual work in the process leading to a production ready model. Not to mention the premium price tag on hiring qualified AI resources, which can themselves be volatile. And you need more than one of them.

But it doesn’t have to be like this …


… and use us as your
external AI expert department.

This way you get instant access to a highly qualified AI team with all the competencies and capacity you need to realize the AI potential in your business – and on a flexible, cost-effective basis.

We can assist you in any part of utilizing AI. From the overall AI strategy (including identification and prioritization of use cases), to project scoping, design implementation and operation of safe, bespoke solutions.

The portability of our platform means if you later decide to insource aspects of the solution, this is easily achievable, while still maintaining access to the Alvíss AI™ platform and any solutions developed there.

Leveraging AI to improve your products, services and business processes has never been easier. Get started now.

About Us

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Michael Green Ph.D.

Co-founder & CEO of Desupervised