Defect Detection

Use Artificial Intelligence in quality control.
Quality control is a vital part of the manufacturing process. One big area of this is to detect any defects, which can range from cosmetic damage on the product to structural damage with disastrous consequences.
Internal components to be inspected using defect detection
Defect detection using Artificial Intelligence (AI) goes beyond the standard use of a camera. It analyzes the picture and uses learnings from thousands of other pictures to quickly locate potential defects so action can quickly be taken to minimize the potential of the defect.

Why use AI for defect Detection

High Quality
Ensure you have the same quality of inspection regardless of who is operating it.
Since it is done with a machine, the potential defects can be processed a lot faster compared to humans having to do the inspections manually.
Lower Cost
Use machines that are faster and do not need to take breaks.
No need for human intervention, automatically take action based on the type of defect it is.

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How to proceed

Alvíss AI
Use our Alvíss AI platfor to build it yourself.
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Custom Project
Utilize our consulting services to outsource all or some of the work to us.
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