How can Artificial intelligence can help you

Every business function has a “demand” that entails a “production”.

This requires some kind of demand forecasting, production planning, resource purchase, execution, quality control, distribution, and maybe after-sales and support – all at the most efficient and effective use of available resources and assets.

Below you can see some use cases per function for inspiration.

  • R & D

    Drug discovery
    Product enhancement
    Product-feature optimization
  • Sales

    Sales forecast
    Dynamic pricing
    Salesforce utilization
    Sales budget allocation
    Churn prediction
  • Procurement

    Price/volume optimization
    Price fluctuations forecast
    Delivery delay prediction
  • Warehouse

    Inventory optimization
    Parts optimization
    Package time optimization
    Quality assurance
  • Customer Service

    Optimal call routing
    FTR optimization
    Chat robots
    Staff planning
  • Maintenance

    Service planning
    Predictive maintenance
    Route planning
    Predictive interventions
  • HR

    Employee Engagement
    Sick leave minimization
  • Risk
    Risk modeling and analytics
    Fraud and debt analytics
  • Marketing

    Dynamic segmentation
    CLV prediction
    Instant customer satisfaction
    Cross-sales optimization
    DM message optimization
  • Shop

    Basket optimization
    Product recommendations
    Theft & fraud minimization
    Staff planning
  • Operations

    Production planning
    Resource utilization
    Production optimization
    Quality assurance
    Predictive maintenance
  • Supply-chain

    Capacity forecast
    Route planning
    Load optimization
    Vehicle utilization
    Staff planning
  • After-sales

    Training need forecasts
    Cross-Sales optimization
  • Finance

    Cash flow prediction
    Fraud detection
    Credit Rating
    AML (Anti-money laundering)
  • IT

    Infrastructure optimization
    Safety Risk Prediction
    Help Desk optimization

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