Comnav: Marketing

Get a full understanding of the sales funnel and boost the return on your marketing investments with + 10 %

ComNav for marketing

See everything in one place
Combine data from all the platforms you use into one platform where all stakeholders can see and agree on the data.
Understand the sales funnel
Choose what KPIs to track and understand how the whole sales funnels relate to them
Test your marketing ideas
Predict and compare how various campaigns will perform

What can media impact?


Understand how media drives sales and how to increase Sales.

By understanding what drives sales, it is then possible to compare various scenarios against each other in order to obtain the highest ROI on media investments.

Optimize Brand Awareness

Know what to do to increase your brand awareness.

Branding is challenging, but with our media models, you get insights into how to best affect your brand awareness.

Minimize churn
Learn how to use media and other levers to most effectively minimize churn.

Understand how to best balance media campaigns between minimizing churn and accruing new customers.

Customer Cases

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