ComNav: Demand Forcasting

Use the ComNav to create Artificial Intelligence (AI) based demand forecasting to decrease inventory costs by reducing redundant and obsolete inventory thus reducing the inventory carrying costs.

Comnav for demand forcasting

Reduce inventory carrying cost
With better predictions of demand, it is easier to plan the stockouts to minimize overstocking.
Supplier relationship management
With concrete numbers of future demand, it’s possible to estimate how many products to order. Making it possible to coordinate with your suppliers a head of time.

Increase Customer Satisfaction
Ensure the product is always in stock and reduce the shipping time such that your customer always gets the product as fast as possible.

Marketing campaigns
Understanding how marketing will drive the demand makes it possible to understand how the inventory should be adjusted before a marketing campaign gets run.
Inventory optimization
Avoid over- and under-stock situations with demand forecasting. Making sure inventory is in place to meet demand while also not overstocking.

Resource planning
Using the forecasted demand to plan production to meet the future demand.

Customer Cases

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